Cosmetic dentistry involves processes that are intended to improve the appearance of your smile.


At Dental Associates of South Ridge, we carefully consider your physical features and all dimensions of your teeth, gum tissue and lips when planning for and performing cosmetic dentistry. It’s important to remember that cosmetic dentistry procedures require you to maintain consistent and effective oral hygiene over time. In other words, it should be considered an investment in your appearance to which you must be committed to maintaining over the long term. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be implemented quickly and simply, but others involve comprehensive treatment plans.

The process of repairing broken and discolored teeth to correct their appearance.

Involves bleaching your stained teeth, thereby improving your smile. After the procedure, constant oral hygiene is required to maintain the effect of the whitening process.

composite laminates that are used to improve the appearance of teeth by repairing chips and cracks. They can also be used to treat extreme tooth discoloration and to fill gaps in your teeth.

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